MLB Rumors: Detroit Tigers and Cleveland Indians Are Potential Landing Spots for Manny Ramirez

By Bryan Lutz

Manny Ramirez is a free agent… again. After the future Hall-of-Famer (if it wasn’t for steroids) requested his release from the Oakland A’s yesterday, rumors will circulate where Manny Ramirez’s next destination will be. To me, there’s only two options that make sense for Manny. Those two options are the Cleveland Indians and Detroit Tigers. First off, let’s attack the Tigers.

Ever since the Tigers lost Victor Martinez to an ACL injury and committed to Miguel Cabrera at third base, the DH spot has been a revolving door for below replacement players. The Tigers did strike gold with Andy Dirks early on, but he has an achilles injury that isn’t healing, leaving the door open for someone else.

With 30-34 record – four games back of the Chicago White Sox for first place in the American League Central – the Detroit Tigers have easily been one of the most disappointing teams this season. So why not gamble on Manny? It can’t get worse than what it is right now – and if Manny hits – that lineup becomes even scarier. It would allow Detroit to phase out the waste of space that is Delmon Young, and it would cost the league minimum.

Manny Ramirez’s power might be gone – considering he didn’t hit one home run in 69 at-bats in Triple-A – but he did hit over .300. Supposedly, the reason for his power outage is due to Manny cheating on pitches because his lack of bat speed, which is a bit concerning.

Outside of Detroit, the only other option for Manny Ramriez is where his career started – Cleveland. Travis Hafner is hurt, Johnny Damon is horrible, and Matt LaPorta is a stinkshow. Why not bring back Manny until Hafner comes back? At best, Manny is rejuvenated and becomes a right-handed bat the Indians desperatley need. At worst, they cut him and lose minimal money.

It has to be noted that both of these teams should/could be in on Vladmir Guerrero as well. To me, however, I’d gamble on Manny Ramirez. He can’t be any worse than what these contending teams are rolling out now.

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