MLB Rumors: Los Angeles Dodgers Join The Dempster Sweepstakes?

It’s time to discuss some more MLB rumors surrounding the Chicago Cubs. This time, according to several media outlets, the Los Angeles Dodgers are very interested in adding a starting pitcher at the deadline. The Cubs and Ryan Dempster make a lot of sense for both teams, and it’ll be up to the Cubs to determine the best value from several teams.

If I were Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer, I wouldn’t just hand Ryan Dempster away. I would get as much talent as you possibly can, and this is whom I would focus on.

How about Shawn Tolleson, Ethan Martin, and  Alex Santana for Dempster? Shawn Tolleson has transitioned to the bullpen, and throws in the mid to upper 90′s. Adding a late inning hard throwing reliever is never a bad thing in any case, and would help the Cubs rebuild. Ethan Martin has been a little disappointing since he was drafted in the first round in 2008. The Cubs lack high quality arms and Martin would be a solid addition. Command has been Martin’s biggest enemy, not stuff. Which is a positive thing because a lot of young players have trouble harnessing their stuff. Alex Santana is an extremely young but talented third basemen. He’s only 18 years old, and will not be rushed. The Cubs could add another corner infield prospect to the mix with Javier Baez and Josh Vitters one day, and would mesh perfectly with what the Cubs are trying to do.

This I believe is a very good package for both teams, as both get what they need out of this deal. We’ll see how this turns out, but Ryan Dempster is one of the hottest names on the market right now, and it’s time for the Cubs to get full value.

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  • jose

    I would not give last year’s minor league pitcher of the year away. Tolleson is a very good prospect and I wouldn’t trade him if I was the Dodgers. And you’re saying that we should give Tolleson, Martin, AND Santana? Santana has a very high ceiling and Ethan Martin’s stuff, as you stated, is lights out. He has also managed a respectable 3.35 ERA in AA this year.

    If I was the Dodgers I would offer Javy Guerra, Ivan De Jesus Jr. and John Ely. All three players are major league ready. Guerra’s injury is knee related, not arm related which should not worry the Cubs. Lastly, because Dempster’s contract expires this year, we would be renting his services for half a season and it doesn’t make sense to give up our #7, #8 and #15 prospects. The Cub’s price must come down because of that. But nonetheless, great article.

    • gilgerard

      This comes down to how much the Dodgers believe they need a starting pitcher. It is a decent haul, but the Cubs aren’t going to give away Dempster for the 3 guys you mentioned.

      I believe Tolleson, Martin, and Santana is a pretty good price as it keeps the top 6 prospects in tact.

      Appreciate your input and comments though! Hopefully we hear from you more often around Rant Sports.