The New York Mets are swept at home by the Cincinnati Reds

By garymarchese

The New York Mets just completed a three game series with the Cincinnati Reds.  They were swept at home in the three games over the weekend.  The Mets have been part of three straight series sweeps. They were swept by the New York Yankees went to Tampa Bay and swept them and now came  home and were swept again.  The score of the three games were 7-3, 4-1 and 3-1.  The Mets overall have been playing good baseball but this was not a good series for them at all.

The Mets lost this series because they didn’t score enough runs.  The pitching wasn’t so bad but the hitting wasn’t there.  Dillon Gee pitched well and the bullpen didn’t in this game.  Scott Hairston was the offense with a hit and a couple of RBI.  In the second game Jon Niese pitched pretty well but not good enough.  The Mets had six batters who had a hit each, David Wright had the only RBI.  Chris Young started the third game and pitched well and the bullpen did it’s job.  The Mets got two hits out of Josh Thole but were shut down by a great pitcher in Jhonny Cueto.

The Mets lost this series because they couldn’t generate enough offense.  The pitching wasn’t too bad, but the offense didn’t do enough.  The Reds pitching also deserves some credit as they shut down the Mets.  The Mets have been too streaky lately also and need to turn that around.

The Mets have exceeded expectations to this point but right now they have to be a little more consistent, you don’t want to get swept in two out of the last three series.  The Mets will have to bear down against a tough opponent in the Baltimore Orioles.

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