Should the Mets Trade Daniel Murphy in Favor of Jordany Valdespin?

Since the end of the 2008 season, Daniel Murphy has shown the New York Mets that he can hit the baseball. However, he has also shown that he is a defensive liability. In the course of four years, Murphy has played four different positions for the Mets. Currently he is the everyday second baseman for the Mets.

The Mets as a whole have been a surprising team and find themselves battling for the N.L. East title as well as one of the two wild-card spots. Murphy is a big reason why the Mets got off to a hot start as he was batting well over .300 to start the season, but has seen his average drop as of late down to .274. He is yet to hit a home run this season and with the young Jordany Valdespin making an impact during his short stint with the team, fans are wondering who the second baseman should be.

Valdespin is a natural second baseman who has the potential to win a Gold Glove. He has much needed speed that can be used at the top of the order and has shown that he has potential to be a very good hitter. What he needs now is more playing time so the Mets can see what his worth is. Murphy will most likely continue to keep playing second base which will hurt Valdespin’s growth.

With the Mets needing more bullpen help, Murphy would be a good trade option for them. His contract is small which will appeal to other teams and Murphy has shown he can bat over .300 for a season which might make teams more willing to get him. Trading Murphy will help the defense tremendously, as Murphy already has 9 errors this season, and the risk is minimal.

As of right now, it is hard to say that Murphy is the future second baseman for the Mets. To this point, he hasn’t shown enough to convince the organization. If Murphy is traded for bullpen help, the Mets can be more serious contenders this season, while at the same time watching Valdespin and his progress he makes as a Major League player.

If Valdespin shows that he is not a the future second baseman either, then the Mets can make a move in free agency in the future. That is the beauty of a trading Murphy, there is minimal downside to it and gives the Mets a great chance to look at one of their young prospects on a daily basis.

If Valdespin continues to impress during his spot starts, don’t be surprised if Sandy Alderson and the Mets front office trade Daniel Murphy.


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  • Mikey Joe

    For Murph’s sake trade em…he deserves better than the apparent fickleness of some current Mets fans.

    These are the same jokers that gave that hack Ike Davis almost a half a season to start being a professional baseball player, but Murph goes into a two week slump and these characters can’t wait to trade him.

    Set Murph free…so he can come back to haunt some of these very silly fans…

    • manosteele

      The Mets should offer Murphy to the Angels who need hitting and have a surplus of relievers. Valdespin needs to play.

      • Jeff Scott

        The Mets would be crazy to trade a hitter of Murph’s calliber. Murph and Wright carried the team the first six weeks of the year. Valdespin has made four errors in limited time on the field. Murph’s bat will heat back up once he straightens his swing out. Murph is proven vs. Valdespin is a maybe, no one ever heard of him until last year. I say keep them both. Murph may make a few more errors, but that is immaterial when all his positives are figured in. he is an agressive player and clutch hitter, trading him for an eighth inining pitcher would be a net negative for the team.

  • A.C Jr

    Murph & Davis are completely different situations, Ike has a glove and power. Before hs power outage I might say keep Murphy but his lack of power and average glove make me say give Valdespin a look at second and see if he can develope. If we can get needed bullpen help then that’s a no brainer.