Cincinnati Reds are Swept by Cleveland Indians

By Jeff Gray

Youch!  I have always heard, and a couple of times experienced, that there is no wrath like that of a woman scorned.  Well, I believe you can say that about the Cleveland Indians after the Cincinnati Reds, pretty handily, swept the Indians in GABP last week.  The Indians spent the last three days returning the favor for the Reds.  Although the first two were close games – both 1 run victories for the Indians.  The last game was a massacre for the Indians (pun intended).

The Cincinnati Reds couldn’t find their pitching in games one and three nor their bats in games two and three.  The bullpen fell apart on them in all three and the starting pitching did in one and three. 

It was a shame to see a wasted great start from Mike Leake on Tuesday.  He went 7 innings and allowed only 1 run.  How many times can you say that about Leake this season.  It was Cincinnati Reds’ closer, Aroldis Chapman who blew the game in the bottom of the 10th by allowing a walk-off two-run homerun.  It was the first homerun allowed by Chapman this year, but it was his third loss after starting the year 4-0.  It was also his fourth appearance out of six in which he allowed a run.  In none of the last six appearances has he even sniffed 99 mph on the radar gun.  He is consistently throwing 96 with little movement.  Something is clearly wrong that needs to be corrected and soon.

On the bright side, Joey Votto continued to hit the ball.  He is riding another hit streak, now at 7 games. 

The Cincinnati Reds will have the day off on Thursday as they travel back home to get ready to start a series with the Minnesota Twins on Friday.  Hopefully they will respond to the day off as they did after their last day off, which was to reel off 6 wins in a row.

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