MLB Rumors: Would The Orioles Give Up The Farm For Starlin Castro?

The Baltimore Orioles have shocked virtually everyone by being in the AL race this year. I know I for one didn’t see it coming, but guys like Adam Jones have put this club on their back and have carried them so far. With that being said, if they Orioles need to make a couple moves if they want to stay in the race. I think they could use a middle infielder and a starting pitcher. With the Chicago Cubs being out of it, and in the seller mode- they’re clearly an attractive trade partner for the Orioles.

Is Starlin Castro available? That’s the biggest question that I don’t think anyone can answer. As a Cubs fan, I wouldn’t want Castro traded unless it were for a package of absolute ridiculousness. Would the Baltimore Orioles give up top value?  I actually think the Orioles would because of the talent Starlin Castro is and the attraction to win now is pretty important.

Would the proposal I’m about to happen? Unlikely, but it’s still attractive for both sides.

Starlin Castro for SS Manny Machado, RHP Dylan Bundy, OF Xavier Avery, and Clayton Schrader.

This is one heck of a price, but it’ll take this kind of offer from any team to pry Castro from the Cubs.

The odds of doing this are probably 0, and not a trade I would make if I were the Orioles, but I don’t run the club so I don’t know what’s truly going through their head.

Machado is going to be a very good big league shortstop, but Castro is already that. If Machado falls on his face, this trade would be well worth it. Bundy is one of the best young arms in baseball so again- it’s a hefty price.

That’s what MLB Trade Rumor season is about though. Trying to find players that match up with teams and determining if it makes sense.

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  • duworkson

    The O’s need pitchers not hitters. If the O’s are seriously thinking of unloading their top two prospects then go after King Felix makes alot more sense.

    • gilgerard

      I absolutely don’t disagree with that at all.

      It’ll be interesting to see what happens with the O’s and their system.

  • greg

    Wow what a horrific piece of writing. There’s no way the Orioles would give up Machado and Bundy for an overrated shortstop with suspect defense and no power to speak of. He hits for a high average and thats about it. The Os already have an all star shortstop, JJ Hardy; who plays at least as good of defense and has way more power. And to throw in Bundy, almost certainly the best pitching prospect in the minor leagues if not the best overall prospect, is just insulting. I’d offer the cubs Mark Reynolds and Tommy Hunter, take it or leave it.

    • gilgerard

      I love idiots that can’t read. Did I not say the odds of this happening is insanely low?

      Yeah, a 21 year old SS that leads the NL in hits. Really over rated. Idiotic baseball fan at it’s finest there. Glad you can’t see the developing power.

      If you think my hypothetical offer is insulting, what is Mark Reynolds and Tommy Hunter? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Thanks for reading.

      Absolutely worst comment of all time.

      •!/camdenrevival camdenrevival

        I think the original response is harsh, but I gotta be honest in that I get his point. The article implies there is a benefit for both sides (or else why suggest a possible trade), but I don’t think the Orioles would even deal Bundy straight up for Castro. As I recall, Castro has had attitude issues, never had an OPS above 800 (it’s barely higher than Mark Reynolds’ OPS), and only walked 6 times this 70+ games this season. Plus, he’s on a pace to make 25-30 errors again this season. I don’t know if that makes him overrated, but if you think his talent warrants the 4-player package you suggest, then maybe is overrated. Don’t get me wrong, he is a helluva talent, but some people (including Keith Law) think Bundy might be the best prospect in baseball. The fact that you throw in Machado (whose stats haven’t wowed me, but many scouts still say he could be the next A-Rod), Avery, and Schrader does seem a little off reality. The Orioles do not believe they need help at SS or else they wouldn’t have signed Hardy to a 3-year deal. He hits for power and is as dependable as you get defensively at SS. Yes, Hunter + Reynolds for Castro is absurd but no moreso than Castro for two of the top 10 prospects in baseball when the Orioles really don’t need a SS.

        • gilgerard

          I appreciate a well thought out baseball response. My response is mostly in the article, but Manny Machado isn’t Arod yet, and his numbers in the minors are “meh” so to speak when you look at the hype. If the Orioles are lucky, he’ll be as good as Castro already is. If the Orioles are even luckier- Machado is as good as a lot of people think.

          Dylan Bundy is pretty incredible. My point really is- if the Cubs trade Castro it’s going to take an out of the world package to get him. The Cubs aren’t desperate to trade Castro, so it’s not like they’ll settle for anything less than what they want. 22 year old’s as good as Castro just don’t come around everyday, and with the Orioles are in the race…who knows what could happen. We don’t run the team. Maybe your GM thinks getting Castro puts you in the WS- I dunno.

          I disagree with the assessment that Castro has attitude problems. I’m a huge Cub fan, and not a typical drink the Kool-Aid fan. I’m very harsh when it comes to what the Cubs have done over the last few years, but the criticism Castro takes is WAY overblown. He does make some mistakes, that frankly will come with experience and maturity. We’re dealing with a 22 year old kid here, not a 29 year old veteran. There’s a learning process. From a natural tools ability at the plate- he reminds me a ton of a young Derek Jeter. His ability to hit the ball with authority to all fields and pure athleticism is very much on par. He needs to improve his strike zone discipline, but he’s going to be great for a long time.

          Is it worth the 4 players above? I don’t know. If I’m the Cubs though- I don’t touch trading him unless I’m getting that kind of package.

          • AdamJonesMVP

            castro doesn’t fit in the baltimore lineup anywhere really..JJ hardy is a gold glove caliber fielder..and hits for more power than castro..for the orioles to give up THAT much for castro would be way to much..i agree if the orioles were even considering trading two top 10 prospects in all of baseball theyd have to get back a king felix type pitcher or an albert pujols type bat

  • David

    No way this happens… Castro is 22 with already 2 seasons of 200 hits… O fans (and probably ownership) are in love with Machado and Bundy. Personally, I think this trade would be adverse risk for the Cubs – we have no idea of Machado can hit major league pitching and pitching prospects are just that… PROSPECTS! SHOW ME DA MONEY!

    • gilgerard

      it would be a huge risk for the Cubs- but this is the type of package the Cubs would want back IF he truly is on the block. IF is the key word.