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MLB Rumors: Denard Span a Fit for Washington Nationals

As we get ready to flip the calendar from June to July expect the MLB rumors to heat up as the MLB trade deadline approaches.  Minnesota Twins outfielder Denard Span figures to be one of those players that will draw a lot of interest from several clubs including the Washington Nationals.

It is no secret the Washington Nationals need offensive help.  There is no time table for Jayson Werth’s return as of yet.  Third baseman Ryan Zimmerman has been dealing with shoulder problems all year and has looked horrible at the plate and could land on the disabled list at any moment.  Mike Morse recently returned to the lineup but has yet to find his swing.  Right now, the offense is a question mark every night and that needs to change if the Nationals hope to make the playoffs for the first time in franchise history.

Denard Span would help stabilize the Nationals lineup at the top.  He is currently hitting .275 with a .342 OBP and leads the Twins in hits with 73 which would place him second on the Natioanls right now behind Ian Desmond.  He has only struck out 33 times so far this year which would be a welcome change to the Nationals lineup.

Span is not a superstar but a very good player who does a lot of things well.  He is good defensively, hits and takes pitches at the top of the order, and has some playoff experience.  The Twins need pitching.  While the Nationals have one of the best pitching staffs in baseball right now it is far from a perfect situation in D.C.  The Twins might not bite at John Lannan who has been languishing in AAA all year but they might be intrigued by adding a first baseman with some pop in Tyler Moore who has been respectable in limited action with the Nationals this year.  Moore has hit 31 home runs each of the past two seasons in the minors.

Adding Moore would be a hedge bet for the Twins who might also be putting former MVP Justin Morneau up on the block.  Even if Morneau stays, his injury history could have the Twins looking for a backup plan.  Perhaps the Twins are interested in Lannan who is obviously Major League ready and can step into the Twins rotation without a problem.  Perhaps a deal starting with Lannan, Moore, and a few younger arms might be enough to get the job done.  The Twins pitching has been atrocious to the point that Lannan would project as one of their top-two starters.  The Nationals need offensive help.  The Twins need a lot of help.  A Denard Span to the Nationals could be beneficial for both teams.