Blown Call On DeWayne Wise Catch By Mike Dimuro Shows Need For Replay In Baseball

By Riley Schmitt

Mike Dimuro may have just forced the MLB to take a longer look at expanding replay.  Well, that is probably not true at all but after Dimuro blew this call on a catch that DeWayne Wise never made, I think the league needs to expand replay.  I mean, the fan by Wise is clearly holding the ball.  Seems straight forward enough.

Mike Dimuro is not the first ump to blow a call this year and he will not be the last.  I wish baseball would not treat instant replay like the plague.  In stretches, it can be used without slowing down the game.  You should have a guy at all times dedicated to watching on television.  Run it like football does.  He can relay down what the call should be.

Mike Dimuro is going to have his name splashed all over the sports cycle for the next couple of days.  Not only did he blow the call, he missed it by a mile.  There is not a lot of people who will let this one go.  I hope people use this as a call to expand replay.  Plays like this lower the credibility of the sport.  Replay will only help baseball move forward.

I hope that if baseball expands replay, they will expand their highlights and video content.  This means Youtube videos.  I mean, I doubt that happens, but it does not hurt to dream.  We need baseball to join the 21st century and Mike Dimuro may have been the guy to force them.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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