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Why Rickie Weeks Is Biggest Disappointment In MLB This Season

Milwaukee Brewers second baseman Rickie Weeks is easily the biggest disappointment in Major League Baseball this season and it is not even close.

Brewers fans were sad to watch Prince Fielder depart via free agency in the offseason but it was not considered a shock because they knew Milwaukee could not compete with $200 million contracts. Brewers fans were also not terribly worried about the loss because the team was still bringing back three offensive All-Stars, two from last season. Ryan Braun is carrying his share of the load but Weeks is doing everything but holding up his end.

Milwaukee knew the only way they could be successful was to continue getting the MVP-caliber performance from Braun, protection from Aramis Ramirez, consistent big-league numbers from Corey Hart, and the exact same All-Star performance from Weeks but slightly better.

The only way the Brewers had a chance to repeat as National League Central champions was for Weeks to improve on last season. Instead, he completely regressed into one of the worst players in the league and biggest disappointment of the season. If MLB gave out mid-season awards, Weeks would receive the Should Be Playing In Triple-A But My Contract Is To Big Award.

I know what you are thinking, he is having a terrible season but there is no way he is one of the worst players in baseball. Well, here are some embarrassing statistics from the first half of the season to prove you wrong.

Weeks is dead last (No. 164) with a .185 batting average, he is tied for 178th in the league with 47 hits, he is third in baseball with 88 strikeouts and he is 117th in the league with a .313 on-base percentage. He has a somewhat respectable five home runs but only has 20 RBI, way below his average pace.

In case no one remembers, Weeks was the second overall pick in the 2003 MLB Draft. The contract he signed included a $3.6 million signing bonus. In 2011, he signed a four-year contract extension worth $38 million. His horrendous statistics this season does not reflect that of a second overall pick or of a player worth $38 million.

I have nothing personal against Weeks, as I am a huge fan of his like most Brewers fans are. It kills me to watch him struggle this season, especially since I know he is capable of far greater accomplishments. It is possible the pressure got to him with Fielder gone but if anyone should be feeling the pressure, it should be Braun. Yet somehow, he continues to hit with dominance, something MVP’s usually do. I would like nothing more than to see Weeks get back to his normal self and start hitting with confidence because Milwaukee desperately needs him to bounce out of his funk.