Will Milwaukee Brewers Trade Randy Wolf, George Kottaras?

By Michael Terrill

If the Milwaukee Brewers do not turn their season around soon they will have no choice but to become sellers at the All-Star break. Even if Milwaukee is a buyer, two players that could be on the trading block are starting pitcher Randy Wolf and catcher George Kottaras.

Wolf is in the final year of his three year contract with the Brewers, and although he has been pitching well as of late, postseason contenders could give up something good to make him the fifth man in their rotation. Milwaukee has talented pitching prospects in the minor leagues so they are capable of trading Wolf and bringing up a young pitcher.

Meanwhile, with the sudden emergence of catcher Martin Maldonado there is no way Milwaukee general manager Doug Melvin can send him back down to the minors once Jonathan Lucroy gets taken off the disabled list. That means Kottaras will be the one who is sent down to Triple-A. Kottaras has proven to be a valuable defensive catcher and swings a good bat at the plate, which means several teams could use him as an asset to help them down the stretch.

Wolf and Kottaras could be a good package deal to some team that believes they need an extra push to get into the postseason.

If the Brewers are sellers than this is a no-brainer, assuming someone wants to make the deal, because they need to shed salary and make room on the team for some of the young guns. If Melvin feels the team is a buyer then they clearly have several offensive roles that need to be filled on the roster. Milwaukee must acquire one or two players to help carry the load on offense because that is the part of the team hurting the Brewers the most right now. There are too many one-run losses this season that could have gone the other way with a couple of quality hits.

Milwaukee could use a better bat in the outfield because, let’s be honest, Nyjer Morgan is simply not getting it done at the plate. They could also use a bat at shortstop as none of those guys is having much of an impact on offense. The biggest Achilles heel in the batting order has to be Rickie Weeks but I am not even sure how you go about replacing him. Weeks is easily the biggest disappointment in the major leagues this season and is single-handedly hurting the team, as the Brewers expected a productive year out of him.

Trading Wolf may be on the fence for the Brewers, especially since there might not be a team that wants to give up anything good for him, but Kottaras has to be realistically thought of as a trading chip. It is not that he is a bad player by any means, there is just simply not enough room for him on the team and Milwaukee cannot allow his talent be wasted in the minor leagues.

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