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Brandon Phillips Deserves to Start in All-Star Game

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The voting for the All-Star teams has concluded and we now know the starting line-up for both the American and National Leagues.  In the National League the top vote getter, therefore starter, at second base is Dan Uggla from the Atlanta Braves with 2,641,361 votes.  The Cincinnati Reds’ Brandon Phillips came in second in the voting with 1,870,966 votes (770,395 less).

This is a great example that MLB is doing a very poor job in choosing who the starters are in the All-Star game.  There is no way, no way at all that Dan Uggla should start ahead of Brandon Phillips.  No Way.

Let’s look at some stats between the two players. 

-Starting with the glamour stat – homeruns.  Dan Uggla has 11, Brandon Phillips has 10.  So pretty much a wash there.

-Next is RBI.  Uggla sports 42 RBI, Phillips 45.  So the edge would go to Brandon Phillips in that category.

-How about strike outs?  For Dan Uggla he has 84 strikeouts.  Brandon Phillips, well he only has 32 strikeouts.  That is a big advantage on Phillips’ side.

-Batting average?  Dan Uggla is hitting a whopping .240.  Brandon Phillips is at .287 right now.  Who could possibly argue that Uggla is a better hitter than Phillips?  Just couldn’t do it.

-Slugging and On-Base+Slugging percentage?  That’s pretty much a wash too.  Uggla has .422 and .790 respectively.  Phillips is at .452 and .781.  So the two are even here.

-Fielding?  Is there any reason to even compare?  Really?  Dan Uggla has 8 errors to his credit and a fielding percentage of .976.  Brandon Phillips is light years ahead of Uggla here.  He only has 2 errors and a fielding percentage of .993.  Add in that Brandon Phillips is a human highlight reel in the field, day in and day out, and it is a no brainer.

I have never understood allowing the fans to choose the starters in baseball, especially since the game has meaning.  And every year there are notable players who do not get to start.  This year is no different.  But if the game is important and you are the National League, wouldn’t you want, seriously, Brandon Phillips out there at second at the start of the All-Star game than Dan Uggla?

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