New York Mets Avoid Sweep, Score 17 Runs Against Last Place Cubs

By Kevin Van Pelt

The New York Mets beat the Chicago Cubs today by the score of 17-1 to avoid a sweep. The Mets lost their first two games against the Cubs after playing sloppy defense and had bad fundamentals. The final game of the series was much sharper for the Mets, as they were able to do all of the little things while providing some much needed offense.

It has been a disappointing week for the Mets as they lost two out of three to the New York Yankees before losing the first two games to the Cubs. Slowly the Mets have been coming pack to the back after their tremendous start to the season.

Fans were confused about the play of the Mets recently, but it was all forgotten for at least one day. In a day where the wind was blowing out of the ballpark, the Mets took full advantage of it. Daniel Murphy, who did not have a home run this season, hit two home runs to snap his long home-run drought. There was also home runs by Ike Davis and a grand slam by Scott Hairston.

David Wright contributed with five RBI’s to extend his RBI total to 47 and Johnathan Niese pitched seven great innings. This was a game that was expected of the Mets this entire series. Maybe not 17 runs, but production from their offense against one of the worst pitching staffs in baseball.

However, even though his kind of blowout game was not needed, it will definitely soften the blow about losing a series to the Cubs and losing four out of their last five before today. It is really hard to say that a win against the Cubs is a big win, but with a young team like the Mets, it is something that can be said to them in the clubhouse and help create confidence going forward.

Losing series to bad teams happens to every team in the league, but it was the way the Mets lost the previous two games that was disappointing. The main problem was the defense which hurt the effectiveness of the pitching. Today’s game was completely different  and a video of this game should be played before every Mets game. All the intangibles were done and it was a complete team effort.

It was a great day for the Mets as they now head to Los Angeles to face the Dodgers. It will be quite the different team as the Dodgers have one of the best pitching staffs in the league. This means that the little things are even more important to execute as scoring runs might be a difficult task.

For now the Mets should just celebrate that they didn’t get swept by the Cubs.


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