MLB Colorado Rockies

How The Colorado Rockies Became One Of The Worst Teams In Baseball

At 28-46, the Colorado Rockies are headed for another disappointing seasons. They’re one of the worst teams in baseball, and unfortunately it doesn’t look like that’s changing any time soon. It’s a shame, given that as recently as 2007 the Colorado Rockies were competing in the World Series, and looked like they had a future as bright as any other team in the game. How did they go from one of the best squads in baseball to a laughing stock?

Hitting has never been a problem for the Colorado Rockies, and this season is no exception. The Rockies are fourth in the majors in runs scored this season. With superstars like Troy Tulowitzki and Carlos Gonzalez leading the attack and Dexter Fowler starting to play to his potential it’s no surprise that Colorado is hitting well. The problem is that they simply can’t seem to do anything else right.

It starts at the front office, where they’ve continued to hand out lengthy and unnecessary contract extensions. Todd Helton got a monster extension earlier in his career, and you would think that the team that watched him decline and weigh down the payroll would want to avoid doing that in the future. Yet the Colorado Rockies extended Troy Tulowitzki for an addition 7 years when he was already in the middle of a 6 year deal. While Tulo is a fantastic player, he’s been increasingly injury prone over the past few years and had they waited they likely could have got him at a lesser price.

By now everybody has heard of the Colorado Rockies strategy to use a 4 man rotation. While you could applaud them for taking such an unconventional step, they did it as an act of desperation as opposed to innovation. It’s difficult to find pitching for Coors Field, but the Rockies haven’t done a good job of identifying the right pitchers. Making matters worse is that they have a history of rushing pitchers. Alex White, Christian Friedrich and Drew Pomeranz  are all young pitchers who did not spend much time in the minors before joining the Rockies rotation. All 3 of these pitchers have struggled. The Rockies desperately need pitching, which is why the decision to push up all three of their pitching prospects instead of giving them time to develop in AAA has been puzzling.

Making matters worse is that the Colorado Rockies field one of the worst defences in the majors. They currently rank 26th in the majors in UZR, with a team score of -20.6. So their pitching looks even worse than it should, because the sloppy defence is costing them several runs.

The Colorado Rockies are an odd collection of veterans and rookies, with several players past their prime and unlikely to help them in the future. It’s time for Colorado to admit they made a mistake, and start to clear out some of the veterans so that they can have the pieces for a winning team in the future. Because right now, the Colorado Rockies are one of the worst teams in the majors, and it doesn’t look like that’s going to change anytime soon.