Los Angeles Dodgers Pull a Cuban Out of Their Hat

By Tim Morris

What is a Yasiel Puig and where did he come from? That was my first thought when I saw the report.

Today the Dodgers signed the Cuban outfield to a 7 year $42 million deal.

Yasiel is 21, 6-3 210LBS  and in his last season of Cuban ball he hit .330 with 17 HR’s, 78 RBI’s and a .581 Slugging Percentages. He also had 19 doubles and 6 triples and was called the fastest ball player in Cuba. He also seems to have a good eye walking 49 times and striking out only 39 with a .430 OBP.

An average of $6 million per year for an outfielder may not seem like much but it’s proof positive that these new Dodger owners are willing to pay money for talent and not skimp. There’s not much out  there on Puig other than he has good raw power, above average speed and he put up his numbers to sub AAA competition so I don’t know if we will see him on the team this season but I expect to see him High A (A+) or AA.

This could also lead to a big trade and lots of activity in the off-season. It’s hard not to believe that if the new owners had been in place that we would have resigned Kuroda and may have had more money to throw at Prince Fielder or even Albert Pujols.

So give our new ownership group time, they have only had the team for 2 months and are working with a team that was constructed on a limited (and somewhat non-existent) budget. I had a lot of hope for this team this year and unfortunately they have hit a bad stretch but a lot of great teams have mid-season swoons, as long as the Dodgers can get themselves together and make a run at the end of the season, this team has all the tools to make a deep post season run!

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