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MLB Rumors: With Sabathia and Pettitte Out, The Yankees Should Step Up Pursuit of Ryan Dempster

With a lot of MLB Rumors surrounding the New York Yankees, you can be assured those will step up now that CC Sabathia and Andy Pettitte are out with injuries. Unfortunately, so is top pitching prospect Manny Banuelos. Without Banuelos, you can more or less eliminate Zack Greinke from Yankee contention. Which means, the Yankees should step up their pursuit of Ryan Dempster.

Ryan Dempster has been very solid for the Chicago Cubs this year, and has been a pretty steady starter for awhile. He’s pitched in big games, and could go a long way with giving the Yankees a quality arm down the stretch. They also wouldn’t have to give up their top pitching prospect to get him so I think it’s more or less a pretty simple decision. Wait- Gil! Isn’t Ryan Dempster on the DL now? This is true. Dempster is on the DL for a “strained lat”, although I think there’s less strain and the Cubs making sure he’s healthy to trade closer to the deadline. Ryan Dempster is perfectly fine.

So what would it take?

I think this is a pretty easy trade for the Cubs: Austin Romine and Dante Bichette Jr. for Ryan Dempster.

The Cubs aren’t going to hand Dempster away, but they’ll have to get 2 above average prospects for him to make the trade make sense. Ausitn Romine is likely ready for the big leagues, but blocked. The Cubs lack major league quality catcher talent in the minors, so focusing on Romine is huge. Gary Sanchez is a pipe dream and just won’t happen. Dante Bichette Jr. is only 19 and still has a long way to go before he’s called up.

The Yankees are never shy with trading the future for the present, so I could see something like this going down pretty easily.

We’ll see what happens, but it absolutely makes sense for both squads.