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Is This the Best We’ve Seen from Wright?

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As Mets third baseman David Wright rounded the bases last night in Los Angeles, the New York Mets took a 2-0 lead. A lead that they would eventually relinquish and capture again as the Mets defeat the Dodgers 3-2 for their second win in a row.

The 2012 season as been very good for Wright. The elder statesman is hitting .357 with 9 home runs and 47 rbi in 72 games. The leading vote getter for NL third basemen finally has found his stroke, something he was missing last year in his injury plagued campaign.

Coming up in 2004, David Wright has cemented himself as the face of the New York Mets. From past to present, Wright has done no wrong. A man that stands in front of his locker and doesn’t change his attitude whether the team is on a high or low – mostly lows. A man that barked at his manager to keep him in and face potential retaliation ¬†from the Milwaukee Brewers earlier this season.

Watching Wright grow into the player he is today has been a pleasure, and although he’s had better seasons (2007 & 2008) it is more gratifying to see Wright play this season. A season in which talks would be about a possible decline about the longest-tenured Met and his contract situation.

What makes this year special for Wright is that he is truly turning from star to super star with a team that spent most of last year in the minor leagues. It’s great to see the hard work of Wright translate onto the field and have the fan base believing in this team in hopes that the team can ride the Wright wave into the post season.

Not only is Wright putting up great numbers but it’s the intangibles he displays, whether it’s calming down a pitcher in duress or showing his leadership with the young players, Wright is there.

At the end of the season, regardless of the results, it’ll be tough to forget what Wright has done for the team.

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