Rumor: Dodgers Looking at Lee

By Tim Morris

Ken Rosenthal has tweeted that the Dodgers are looking at moving a young pitching prospect in order to obtain the old and overweight Carlos Lee from the Astros.

Lee who is 36, and hitting .291 with 6 HR’s this season, now, this would definitely be an upgrade over James Loney who is still on a downward spiral hitting wise the more he gets into his prime.

The first rumor was that the Dodgers were trying to get SS/3B Jed Lowrie for Zach Lee and Garret Gould. Gould I could understand the Dodgers moving but Zach Lee they paid a lot of money too and has Ace material, even if we were to get both players, I don’t like giving up good young pitching for 1 year rentals and 28 year old middle infielders hitting well on a poor team.

I just don’t know what the Dodgers can do right now anyway, we have a lot of young pitching and I get the feeling that they will have to part with some of it in order to get some hitting help but Zach Lee can’t be one of them unless we’re getting back someone proven.

The good thing is Carlos Lee has to approve the trade, whatever it is, details are short. The other good thing is it looks like the Dodgers see this year as an opportunity and want to do all they can to improve it and with no good third base prospecsts ready in the next 2-3 years, Laurie isn’t all that bad.

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