First Half MLB Awards: Oscars Style

We are a week away from MLB’s first half coming to a close. It’s been an exciting year so far, with plenty of good storylines to go around. So why don’t we break down the first half awards Oscar style? I chose some categories the Academy uses for their awards that make some sense for baseball. And your first half MLB Awards are:

Best Film Editing – Cleveland Indians

The Cleveland Indians are really bad, yet they are only three games back in the American League Central. Although the Chicago White Sox have controlled the Central for most of the season, the Cleveland Indians are hanging around – - they must have alligator blood. The Indians have a 38-38 record, but their run differential is second to last in the American League. Nice editing job by Cleveland to appear better than they actually are.

Best Screenplay – The RA Dickey Story

This isn’t even debatable. The RA Dickey narrative is the best thing going in baseball right now. It all started before the season when Dickey confessed all his trials and tribulations, making you want to root for the guy even more than you already did. Now, Dickey is probably the best pitcher in the National League for the New York Mets. His life feels like a movie script.

Best Visual Effects – The Washington Nationals’ Starting Rotation

I hopped on the Washington Nationals bandwagon last year, and I was one of the guys trying to drive that thing this winter. There were a few times I wrote that the Washington Nationals would win the NL East, fully aware of the division that they were playing in. But I didn’t falter. I stuck to my guns, and it’s paying off. The Washingtion Nationals’ starting rotation is the main reason they sit atop the NL East. The way some of these guys throw pitches, it’s hard to believe they aren’t supernatural. Between Gio Gonzalez’s 12-6, Stephen Strasburg’s 89 MPH change-up, and Edwin Jackson’s slider, the Nationals’ staff is hypnotizing.

Best Live Short Action Film – The Los Angeles Dodgers

The Los Angeles Dodgers started out strong, but it won’t last for the long haul. When the White Sox played the Dodgers, it blew my mind this team had the record they did. Jerry Hairston Jr. was hitting fourth for God’s sake! Yes, Matt Kemp’s injury hurts them, but this team just isn’t good. And with their recent stretch, they are finally showing that.

Best Director - Mike Scioscia

This one is hard for me because I hate all managers to some extent. I can find faults with pretty much every manager out there. However, to me, Mike Scioscia has directed his team the best. It would have been easy to panic about the Angels horrendous start. But the team has rebounded in a big way to be the team we thought they were heading into the season. Feel free to mention your own director.

Best Cinematography – Watching Bryce Harper Play

Yes, Mike Trout is awesome as well, but I don’t watch a lot of Angel games. Watching Bryce Harper play is refreshing and hopeful for the game of baseball. This sport has no idea how to market their athletes, and they have two cash cows with Trout and Harper. Let’s just hope they don’t mess it up. It’s scary to think that these guys will be free agents when they are in their mid-20s. What up 10-year, $300 million deals.

Best Supporting Actor – Martin Prado

When I say supporting actor, I’m talking about players that aren’t really superstars but play like one. Martin Prado has rebounded from a weak 2011 to produce in a big way in 2012. Prado is hitting .322/.384/.464/.848 with a 3.6 fWAR for the Atlanta Braves this season. Not bad for a guy that was almost traded for Delmon Young.

Best Actor – Joey Votto

Joey Votto is on pace to hit about 70 doubles and he has an OPS over 1.100. His contract may be a sunk cost towards the end of it. But as of right now, there isn’t a better hitter in baseball than Joey Votto.

I’ll be back tomorrow to give the baseball’s version of the Razzies! I just feel like making fun of the Detroit Tigers.

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