Rant Sports MLB Power Rankings For Week Thirteen

By Mark Hock

Texas Rangers (This Week: 1, Last Week: 1) – They’ve been nearly unstoppable this week, pushing the Los Angeles Angels back to 5.5 games out of first. Josh Hamilton has really struggled in June, as pitchers are taking advantage of the fact he’s a free swinger who will try to make contact with any pitch thrown in his direction. He needs to be a little more selective if he’s going to break out of this slump anytime soon.

New York Yankees (This Week: 2, Last Week: 2) – They lost two pitchers in the span of 24 hours – who do they think they are, the Toronto Blue Jays? Rafael Soriano has quietly done a great job in the closer’s role, making everybody forget that the great Mariano Rivera was even gone in the first place. As long as they continue to mash they’ll remain in the top two spots on our MLB Power Rankings.

Washington Nationals (This Week: 3, Last Week: 4) – It’s been a tough week for the Nationals, but at least they’ve started their series against the Atlanta Braves with a win.

San Francisco Giants (This Week: 4, Last Week: 7) – First place has to feel pretty good for the San Francisco Giants, especially considering they were nearly 10 games back earlier in the season. Melky Cabrera has been incredible this season, hitting 354 with 7 homers.

Chicago White Sox (This Week: 5, Last Week: N/A) – It was only a matter of time until they retook the lead in the AL Central. They’ve taken advantage of struggling teams lately, including the New York Yankees. While Kevin Youkilis has gotten off to a slow start by hitting 263 with no walks and virtually no power, he’s still been a significant upgrade over the previous third base options.

Cincinnati Reds (This Week: 6, Last Week: N/A) – Their lead in the NL Central is down to one game, so it’s time for Mat Latos to step up. He’s done a good job limiting the walks and striking out batters, but he’s getting burned with the home runs. He simply has to find a more effective way to keep the ball in the park. And that’s not an easy thing to do in Cincinnati.

Los Angeles Angels (This Week: 7, Last Week: 9) – The Angels have been pretty hot lately, and they have their offence to thank for that. They’re getting production up and down the lineup, and it’s a big reason why they’ve returned to our MLB Power Rankings. They currently lead the wild card, and unless Texas falters that’s going to be their best shot at making the playoffs.

Baltimore Orioles (This Week: 8, Last Week: 5) – One week after claiming the Orioles weren’t a fluke, they decide to fall apart. Way to go, O’s. It’s been a rough week for the Baltimore as they’re now 4 back of the New York Yankees. Adam Jones has cooled off over his past 103 plate appearances, hitting 263/291/404 with just 3 homers and 7 RBI. That’s not going to cut it, and if he can’t get back to being an elite hitter the Orioles won’t be able to stay in the playoff race.

New York Mets (This Week: 9, Last Week: N/A) – Sticking with Ike Davis is looking like a good call for the Mets. He’s been significantly better in June, hitting 5 homers and putting up an 875 OPS. They’ll need his bat going forward if they hope to compete for a playoff spot.

Los Angeles Dodgers (This Week: 10, Last Week: 3) – What happened to the Dodgers? They’re on a 6 game losing streak, and have gone 1-9 over their past 10. They can’t buy a win right now. The offence has really struggled as of late, as they were shut out in 5 of their last 10 games. They’ve averaged 1.5 runs per game over their last 10. No wonder they’re looking to trade for Carlos Lee. They’re desperate for anybody who can hit.

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