2012 MLB All-Star Game Snubs: Five Snubs From Each League

By Bryan Lutz

The 2012 MLB All-Star game roster was finally released today. Thanks to TBS, they took what would be a 10-minute process into a one-hour show. That’s something that would make LeBron James proud. As always, there were plenty of mistake made with some roster selections. Two observations I made from this are: it’s obvious Tony La Russa has no idea what the hell is going on anymore and player voting is done in early May. Here are the ten biggest 2012 MLB All-Star game snubs:

Zack Greinke – Milwaukee Brewers

I mean, who wants the best pitcher in baseball pitching in the All-Star game? Zack Greinke has been every bit as good as Justin Verlander has in the American League, but no one knows it. Greinke is first in the NL in fWAR, and if you don’t believe in WAR for pitchers (like I really don’t), you can look at his 2.82 ERA, 2.22 FIP, and 9.00 K/9

James McDonald – Pittsburgh Pirates

James McDonald has carried the Pittsburgh Pirates into contention for a National League Central title. Not bad for a guy who was traded for Octavio Dotel. Ned Colletti FTW.

Martin Prado – Atlanta Braves

So, the Atlanta Braves have two guys on the final ballot, but neither are their best player? It doesn’t seem fair Dan Uggla is starting while Martin Prado doesn’t even have a chance to make the game when he is a better fielder at second base than Uggla anyways. You could also make a case for the other Braves’ outfielders, Jason Heyward and Michael Bourn.

Johnny Cueto – Cincinnati Reds

Another winner from Tony La Russa. Lance Lynn doesn’t belong in this game as is, and he doesn’t put Cueto and the previous two pitchers above on the team? Favoritsm at its finest. What new?

Aaron Hill – Arizona Diamondbacks

Aaron Hill is the best second baseman in the National League, but at least he’s on the Final Vote — with Bryce Harper and Chipper Jones. Good luck, Aaron. Pfft.

Now it’s time for our American League snubs:

Jake Peavy – Chicago White Sox

Third in the AL in fWAR at 2.8, but Jake Peavy isn’t on the All-Star roster yet. The veteran righty is finally healthy this season, with his numbers showing it. Peavy has been the bees knees for the Chicago White Sox. And if the White Sox actually scored some runs when he started (two in his last four starts), he probably would be recognized as one of the better pitchers in the American League.

AJ Pierzynski – Chicago White Sox

Mike Napoli getting the fan vote really screwed stuff up. I’m totally fine with Joe Mauer making the team, but not Matt Wieters. Categories AJ Pierzynki leads Matt Wieters in are the following: fWAR, runs, home runs, RBI, batting average, on-base percentage, slugging percentage, OPS – – get the picture?

Josh Reddick – Oakland A’s

Someone from the Oakland A’s had to make the team, so you would think a guy with a 3.1 fWAR and .257 ISO would be the choice. But no, that makes too much sense.

Josh Willingham – Minnesota Twins

From the start of the 2012 season, Josh Willingham has been one of the most consistent hitters in the game. His .268/.381/.532/.913 slash-line is more than worthy of All-Star recognition.

Edwin Encarnacion – Toronto Blue Jays

Edwin Encarnacion is another guy that has produced from day one of the 2012 season. His .289/.365/.570/.935 slash-line is better than Adam Dunn, who made the team.

There you have it. The five biggest snubs from each league. Feel free to disagree!

EDIT- Austin Jackson is definitely worthy as well, but somehow he slipped my mind when thinking of five AL guys. Sorry for not being perfect.

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