David Wright Is Not an All-Star Starter

By Rich MacLeod

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Wow. New York Mets third baseman David Wright has lost the National League third base All-Star voting to Pablo Sandoval of the San Francisco Giants. I’ve read it and now repeated it over and over again yet I still cannot believe it. PABLO SANDOVAL beat David Wright. Not only that, he annihilated him. Wright, who led Sandoval by as many as 400,000+ votes just days ago has lost the 3rd base vote by 1.6 million. We knew that Giants fans were a bit crazy but that just boggles the mind.

Let’s take a look at the numbers, shall we? Pablo Sandoval, who’s spent time on the disabled list this season, is batting .307 with 6 HR and 25 RBI. Those are not horrible numbers but in no way are they All-Star worthy no matter who he’s going up against. But the guy he went up against has straight up ridiculous numbers. In 2012 David Wright is batting .355 with 9 HR and 50 RBI, exactly double the amount of runs batted in than Sandoval. I mean the numbers speak for themselves–nearly 50 points higher of a batting average, 3 more home runs, 15 more doubles, 25 more RBI, 33 more walks–and they aren’t even close. Pablo Sandoval is having a decent season with the Giants but David Wright is a serious MVP candidate and has been one of the best players in all of baseball all season long.

Major League Baseball has to change something when it comes to voting for the All-Star Game. All due respect, of all people, the fans are the least qualified to make any sort of judgement on who should and shouldn’t start an All-Star Game. Pablo Sandoval starting over David Wright? Buster Posey over Carlos Ruiz? We’ve even seen guys who have been on the DL for most of the season be in contention for an All-Star start. Baseball fans are great, but they are not qualified nor in the right mindset to be given the power to choose who makes it in and who doesn’t. In nearly every case, and this year is no exception, fans do not vote for the player who deserves it, but for someone who plays on their team. Did Pablo Sandoval really deserve to start over David Wright? No, but those Giants fans like him and therefore he gets the start. To me, that is insanity, and Major League Baseball needs to fix this.

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