Did Johan Santana Get Snubbed?

By Rich MacLeod

New York Mets starting pitcher Johan Santana, the man who pitched the first no-hitter in the 50 year history of the team, will not play for the National League in the 2012 All-Star Game. The question is was he snubbed?

While most Mets fans are still stomping their feet and scratching their heads about how Pablo Sandoval beat out David Wright for the start at third base on the All-Star Team, others are wondering if Johan Santana may have deserved the nod. After the amazing R.A. Dickey was named to the team I, among many, expected to hear Santana’s name called out on the All-Star Selection Show. That name never came. Instead guys like Gio Gonzalez and Matt Cain were named–two pitchers who absolutely deserved it. I can’t sit here and say what pitcher should have not been included in favor of Johan but there’s definitely an argument that he should have been included.

This season Johan Santana has had a record of 6-4–which is not indicative of the way he’s pitched–but has also posted an ERA of 2.76. For someone coming off of major shoulder surgery, that is pretty impressive. Not one person could have confidently told you that before the season, Santana would have even started on Opening Day. Well, not only did he do that but for the most part he has been terrific for the Mets and is a key component to their early season success. His velocity is down, his strikeouts aren’t what they used to be and yet he continues to impress night after night.

Unless you’re a complete enigma, it’s pretty difficult to pitch a no-hitter and not make the All-Star team. Was he snubbed? That’s not for me to decide.

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