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MLB Rumors: Carlos Marmol Upping His Trade Value?

Don’t look now, but Carlos Marmol is starting to pitch like the Marmol of all. That’s huge for the Chicago Cubs because Carlos Marmol should be insanely tradable at this point in time. I know he’s got a sizable contract, but every team in the race is going to be in the market for a power arm, late inning option. If Carlos Marmol continues to pitch well, I anticipate the Cubs trading him sooner rather than later.

What is Marmol’s value? I think it’s a TBA situation because the season has been a tale of two stories (or something like that?). Marmol has struggled, spent time on the DL, lost and regained the closer role, and may or may not keep the job while he remains with the Cubs.

With that being said, Marmol has one thing going for him. He can strike people out. There isn’t anything more important for a late inning reliever because those guys needs to be able to avoid contact in tough situations. Carlos Marmol can strike people out and that’s something that can’t be ignored.

What team is interested in Marmol? I would imagine all of them. I think the Cubs will have to eat a little money, but they should be able to get 2 pretty good prospects. If they don’t get anything of value- no reason to trade him right now.

This is the best part of the MLB season. MLB Rumors are a ton of fun to be a part of, and we’ll continue to update you guys here on as the trade deadline gets closer.