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MLB Rumors: Does Bryan LaHair Making the All Star Team Up His Trade Value?

The Chicago Cubs are in the middle of all the MLB Rumors floating around the internet it feels like. This article will be no different because we’re going to discuss the case of Bryan LaHair. Bryan LaHair made the all star team and I believe that is going to significantly up his trade value around the league. For teams interested in the left handed slugger, there just aren’t that many “all star” left handed power bats available.

Why does the All Star game mean so much for value? Well- the reason is pretty simple. He’s one of the chosen ones. Now an elite major league player. We can debate LaHair DESERVING to be on the all star team all day long (he shouldn’t be), but that’s not what this is about. The fact is- left handed power is a premium, and the fact there’s an all star tag- it ups it no matter how you look it.

The Cubs are going to trade LaHair, and it’s just a matter of to whom and for what. I still think he’ll end up in the American League as he’s not a great defender, and that will allow him to strictly focus on his offense. Where is he going? You can talk to the Detroit Tigers, Cleveland Indians, Boston Red Sox, Tampa Bay Rays, or Los Angeles Dodgers about that.

It’s going to be fun to watch the Cubs sell, and I’m excited about the possibility of continuously adding top young talent throughout the minor leagues.

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