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MLB Rumors: The Pirates Should Trade For Jed Lowrie

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The Pittsburgh Pirates are among the leaders in the NL Central. Yes, I really did just say that. In a weakened division, the Pirates have taken sheer advantage and are running out it’s young and talented club- and it’s fun to watch. Weird- but fun. With MLB Rumors season flyin’ high, the Pirates have to be looking at a shortstop better than the .200 hitting Clint Barmes.

Barmes is an above average defender but hitting .200 is not acceptable. If this team seriously wants to contend, they can’t have that position being a blackhole offensively. There aren’t a ton of shortstop upgrades around which is why Jed Lowrie makes the most sense.

Jed Lowrie has had a pretty decent campaign since being trade from the the Boston Red Sox to the Houston Astros, and is still young enough where he’s not a 1 year fix. He could be a longterm solution. I would be in full support because it’s a major upgrade and that’s what teams do- upgrade.

I have no idea what his real value is. I don’t think the Pirates would give up any of it’s prime prospects, which in turn leads me to believe it’ll be tough for the Astros to trade him .

I’m trying to think of a couple trade scenerios, and none I believe are completely realistic. Clearly, the Astros are holding out for probably Geririt Cole, but there’s just no way in jeepers creepers the Pirates part with him.

Hey- after all….It’s up to the Pirates to determine his value and work something out with the Astros! I can’t do everything myself! Well I guess I can try. It’s going to take 2 “B graded prospects” to get Lowrie (in my opinion) which should be in the price range for the Pirates. Go for Gold Pittsburgh. You deserve it.

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