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MLB Rumors: Will Dylan Bundy Pitch For the Orioles This Year?

Dylan Bundy is one of the best young arms in all the major leagues right now, and MLB Rumors are flying around that the Baltimore Orioles might bring him up if he continues to pitch well, and the Orioles are still in the hunt. According to Buck Showalter, who claims that if Bundy does his part, anything is possible.

I think this would be a great move. Dylan Bundy is pitching well above his age, and his stuff is that good. He obviously has some fine tuning to do, but you know what- when you’re ready-you’re ready.

I think Bundy would do just fine at the big league level, and I’m not surprised at all the Orioles are interested in bringing him up. They have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Even if Bundy comes up and gets shelled a bit- big deal. It’s going to be a learning experience all the way around, and I for one think it’s just a great idea.

It would also keep the Orioles from trading him to get a guy like Cole Hamels for the stretch run, so that’s another win to this whole deal. I will be the first to admit I underestimated the Orioles this year, but I do think they need some help. If Dylan Bundy can be that help- all the power to them.

My official advise? Call. Him. Up.