Cincinnati Reds Prospect Billy Hamilton Steals 100th Base At Single A Bakersfield Blaze

By Riley Schmitt

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Billy Hamilton may not be well known yet but I think that is going to change.  He is a prospect with the Single A Bakersfield Blaze, which is affiliated with the Cincinnati Reds.  Monday night, Hamilton picked up his 100th stolen base on the season.  It has taken him 78 games.

Billy Hamilton is just doing this on pure speed right now.  Wait until he learns how to use the proper technique.  He might be able to pull off 100 steals at the major league level.  That would certainly be something to see.  I would love to see something like that happen again.

Billy Hamilton is going to be covered by a lot of national outlets in the coming days.  If he is able to have the other parts of his game match his stolen base output, he is going to be a star.  He just has to keep working at his game and improving every day.  If he does, he will be a staple for the Reds in the coming years.

Billy Hamilton has my respect for a long time.  I have not seen a guy record 100 steals in the time that I can remember watching baseball.  I can certainly appreciate a skill such as this.  I hope that Hamilton can turn this into a great future in baseball.  If he is able to do that, he could be one of the best stealers in the history of baseball.  That’d be something to see.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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