Who's More Valuable to the New York Mets, R.A. Dickey or David Wright?

By Kevin Van Pelt

David Wright and R.A. Dickey have carried this New York Mets team this season. Wright has led the offense leading all of baseball in batting average, while Dickey leads all pitchers in wins with 12. The Mets currently have 44 wins this season at the halfway point and the question is, who has been more valuable to the Mets, Dickey or Wright?

As far back as baseball has been played, pitching has always been the key to winning championships. The Mets starting pitchers have improved greatly this season and are part of the key resurgence for New York this season. The staff is led by Dickey who seems at this point to be beyond human. He threw consecutive one-hitters this season and went over 40 innings without allowing an earned run. His story is amazing which is part of the appeal of Dickey. He failed as a conventional pitcher and turned to the knuckleball to save his career. Now at 37, his career seems to be only going up.

Dickey has an ERA of 2.15 and has 116 strikeouts so far this season. However, the most surprising number is that he has only given up 25 walks. That number is an outstanding number for a conventional pitcher and is unheard of from a knuckleball pitcher. His control of the knuckleball has never been seen before and his ability to change speeds with the pitch makes him hard to figure out. With a record of 12-1, it almost seems like an automatic victory for the Mets whenever Dickey is on the mound. His performances have also helped keep the Mets bullpen from coming out which has struggled for most of the season. The Mets bullpen is not something to trust in close games and when Dickey pitches, it is a good opportunity to get them rest and keep Mets fans from having heart attacks.

As for Wright, he is the unquestioned leader of this team and has been leading the team in almost all offensive categories. He has a batting average of .351 which is best in all of baseball and has 50 RBI’s. A team with not many big named players, they rely heavily on playing fundamentally sound baseball. However, Wright provides that one consistent bat in the lineup that can create the runs needed to win the game.

In a year where the Mets were written off before the season even started, Wright has carried this team since opening day. He has shown his leadership qualities both on and off the field. He has taken the role of leader to a new level and is a big help to all of the young players on this team.

So while Dickey has been very crucial to the Mets success this season, Wright is still the most valuable to the team. He is out there everyday and has an impact on the team every game. At this point in the season, the case can also be made that Wright is the most important player to his team. This doesn’t mean he is the best all-around player, but he status on the team is what keeps them in the playoff hunt.


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