MLB Rumors: When Are The Detroit Tigers Going To Do Something?

The Detroit Tigers are all in. They paid for that last offseason, and they can’t fail. They’re going to have to do all they can to make sure they make the investment in Prince Fielder pay off. The only way to do that is to go after some starting pitching, but I just don’t know when they’re going to do it. With all the MLB Rumors, I can’t believe they haven’t pulled the trigger….on something. They need pitching badly and there’s a ton of names on the market.

The Tigers need one of the following: Matt Garza, Zack Greinke, Ryan Dempster, Brandon McCarthy, or Cole Hamels.

They’re going to have to part with Jacob Turner and Nick Castellanos if they want Hamels, Garza, or Greinke, but could pull the trigger on Dempster or McCarthy without giving up those two guys.

Why aren’t they? You might have to tell me. When are they going too? I would say July 15 at the latest. It just doesn’t make sense to me and I don’t know. I don’t have a ton of answers for you, Tigers fans, but I can sympathize with you whole-heartedly.

I believe a major reason for the delay is they’re waiting for one of the guys to get traded to set the market value. It’s the only logical reason for the lack of aggressiveness. The problem with that waiting philosophy? They could miss out on ALL of those players, and then they’ll miss the playoffs altogether.

I don’t know. I think Matt Garza or Zack Greinke makes the most sense, but that’s just me.

We’ll see what happens, but the Tigers need to do something before it’s too late.



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  • Trevor

    I don’t get why everyone is saying the Tigers are all in this year? Their third, arguably 2nd best hitter has been on the DL all year, and is signed through 2015. As well is Verlander, and Cabrera and Fielder have even longer contracts. The only current players (that matter) with contract issues are Valverde and Jackson, and the Tigers are only on the books for 83mil to start next season. They usually spend around 100mil a year. Not to mention the majority of core players in the organization are on the better side of 30 and constantly putting up career numbers. If anything, I’d say this is a transitional year for the Tigers, being that it’s the first year,pitchers excluded, that no one from the 2006 World Series starting line up is roster. All in all, I’d say the Tigers have until 2015 to find a permanent big bat in RF, a 2B who can defend well and hit for average, and a left handed starter.