Bullpen Aside Mets Need Right Handed Slugger

By Jon Perez

After falling to Travis Wood and the Cubs Friday night, the New York Mets fell to 12-20 in games against Left-handed starters. The bullpen must be the first priority but the Mets might need to find a big right handed bat to combat against left-handed pitching.

The Mets are hitting .243 against left-handers and are 10th in the National League, The Amazins’ were hoping that the power bat from the right side would be Jason Bay. Saying Bay has disappointed is putting it lightly. Since joining the Mets in 2010, Bay has done a 180 and looks nothing like the player he was in Pittsburgh and Boston. Bay’s days seem to be in danger should the Mets obtain the power bat.

Sandy Alderson likes power and has mentioned that he loves the long ball. The Mets are tied for seventh in the National League with 25 home runs against left handed pitching and are the polar opposite when they face right handed pitching (44 home runs against RHP).

Here are a couple of names the Mets might pursue to help against LHP.

Carlos Quentin – Sand Diego Padres

Quentin is hitting .272 with 7 HR and 16 RBI in 31 games played this season with San Diego. Moving to Citi field would be a welcome sight compared to the spacious outfield of Petco Park. The career .253 hitter has some pop, Quentin has hit 20+ home runs in four straight seasons (2008-11) and hit a career high 34 bombs in 2008 with the Chicago White Sox. Should Lucas Duda continue to falter against leftys, Quinten could play left field and Hairston move to right field.

Shane Victorino – Philadelphia Phillies

A far reach that the Phillies would trade in division, Phillies GM Ruben Amaro Jr. stated that the Phillies might be sellers this season, however Victorino has been better on the right side this year and could add speed to a slow Mets lineup. Unlikely that Amaro Jr. and Alderson will exchange phone calls this month, Victorino can be a nice fit for the spacious center field.

Whether it’s these two players or a player that is unknown at the moment, the Mets will have to address the lack of hitting against south paws.

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