MLB News of the Day: Greinke, Harper, Stanton, and some Crazy Rookies

By Peter Ellwood

Welcome to the first installment of what I am hoping will become a daily (or semi-daily) post from me.

There are a lot of things that happen in a day in Major League Baseball. It’s tough to keep track of all of them. In this space my goal is to pull out the three or four MLB news stories or events of the day that are the most interesting from around the league. This way you can stay apprised of the day’s most important events, and perhaps we can all learn something.

Zack Greinke was ejected in the first inning of his start for the Milwaukee Brewers against the Houston Astros. He didn’t argue balls and strikes, intentionally throw at a hitter, or throw his batting helmet at an umpire. Instead, he did this:

Of course, he immediately regretted that decision.

In the end, the Brewers fell to the Astros 6-3, and Greinke robbed any scouts in the crowd of seeing him throw more than four pitches.

Giancarlo Stanton is slated to miss the next 4-6 weeks due to arthroscopic knee surgery. This is not only a big blow to the Miami Marlins, it also is a big blow to the home run derby, as Stanton was slated to participate. He has hit the two fastest home runs off the bat in baseball this year. Andrew McCutchen will replace him in the derby, and Bryce Harper will take his spot on the National League All-Star roster.

Harper will be the youngest position player and the third-youngest member of an All-Star team in MLB history, as his name has been called to replace Stanton on the NL squad. With Harper joining the All-Star festivities in Kansas City, there will now be a MLB record five rookies in the game. I would rather just watch Harper and Mike Trout compete in a skills challenge than watch the actual All-Star game. Also joining the NL All-Stars will be Michael Bourn, in place of Ian Desmond. Bourn should have been an All-Star in the first place.

And finally, there was a game between the rookie teams for the Brewers and the Royals in Arizona that saw the teams combine for 23 first inning runs. There were 4 doubles, 11 singles, 3 triples, a balk, 2 errors, 2 pitching changes, 5 walks, a hit-by-pitch, a sacrifice fly, and a passed ball. There were no home runs. All in the first inning. As of this posting, the score was 23-8. By the time the game finishes, it could be 28-27. You can check for yourself here.

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