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Thunder Sends Players Running During Minnesota Twins – Texas Rangers Game

It seemed to be just another day of baseball between the Minnesota Twins and Texas Rangers at the Ballpark in Arlington.  A storm decided to change that as a huge clap of thunder sent players running for the dugout.

Lightning at a baseball game can be an extremely dangerous thing.  I applaud the players for wasting zero time getting off the field and getting to safety.  The stands seemed to have begun to clear out in front of the storm, so the players were the last ones to have to get to safety.

I can not believe how loud that clap was.  Look at the runner on first base.  He hit the ground so fast that I thought someone was shooting at him.  That is how dangerous the situation was.  Not many times has something like this ever been captured on video.  It is just insane to watch that all in motion.

Luckily, the players were able to scramble away without having anyone struck by lightning.  That would have made a bad situation a lot worse for people in attendance.  Getting struck by lightning is not exactly the memory you want from a game of baseball.

A lot of players took to Twitter after this moment to tweet about how scared they were.  If you judge their reactions on the field, you can see why.  If it sounded that loud on TV, just think about how loud it was in person.  Not exactly your normal day at the park.

The game resumed after the cell passed, but we will always have this video to remind us that things got scary for a brief moment.  Or at least we have it until it gets taken off of Youtube.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.