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MLB Washington Nationals

Bryce Harper Badly Misjudges Popup During 2012 All-Star Game

I think everyone was on the edge of their seats waiting to see Bryce Harper get his first experience during an All Star Game.  The Washington Nationals phenom walked in his first at bat, but people are going to talk about his defense or lack thereof on this play.  Mike Napoli hit a routine popup to left that Harper completely missed.

I was completely shocked on this play.  I thought there was no way that Bryce Harper was going to miss that.  It was right at him and he just lost it in the lights.  That is an issue during games but I am shocked that it happened at this moment.

This play will get talked about but I thought the most interesting Harper play was him tagging up from first base on a flyball to left.  He got to second easily and although he was caught in a fielder’s choice with the next batter, it was quite an impressive play.

Then again, he is only 19.  He is going to have a lot more games like this in his future.  Plus, I’d imagine that he is happy his NL is absolutely dominating the game.  It will take a miracle for the AL to come back and win the game.

If the Nationals keep up their pace, they could use the home field advantage in the World Series.  Harper would get a chance to play in front of the entire nation once again.  Something tells me he would not miss an easy popup again if he was give in the chance.

Take notice how I avoided all references to that infamous interview Bryce Harper had in Toronto earlier this year.  A lot of people apparently still think jokes about are hip and they are suffocating on Twitter.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.