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MLB Rumors: Juan Pierre on the Trading Block

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Isn’t it a fun time of the year?  Especially if you are a fan of a team with a chance at the post season.  To be in the buyers’ market with trades, is so much fun.  So it is for the Cincinnati Reds.  They are reportedly involved in several trade options throughout the league.  A week ago MLB Rumors noted that Cole Hamels (Philadelphia Phillies) was a possible trade for the Reds.  It has come to light from ESPN’s Buster Olney that another Phillie was a very possible pick up for the Reds.  That is none other than Juan Pierre (Slappy).

While a Reds’ trade to get Hamels would be a great acquisition for the Reds, there is a big chance that the Reds would not be able to sign him to an extension, and, consequently, would only rent him for the 2012 season.  As for Pierre, that is a more logical and possible trade for the Cincinnati Reds, as MLB Rumors suggests.

Pierre would bring to the Reds a batting average of .307 and an on-base percentage of .344 to that lead-off spot.  That would allow the Reds to move Zack Cozart to second in the line-up and move Drew Stubbs out.  Pierre still has speed as the 20 stolen bases suggest.  The biggest benefit would be in strike outs.  In 241 at bats, Pierre has only stuck out 13 times.  That is big improvement from the present strike out factory that is Stubbs.

In addition, the Reds would be adding a much needed left handed bat to there heavily right handed hitting line-up.  Not to mention the .304 batting average in his post season career.  Something the Reds will need down the stretch.

The Phillies have declined that they are in the sellers’ market.  However, as the losses mount – they are on a 4 game losing streak and losers of 9 of the last 10 games, things may change quickly as the trade deadline approaches.  When that does happen, the Reds would be foolish to not be in line for Pierre’s services.

Continue to watch for MLB Rumors for future rumors floating around the baseball world.

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