MLB Trade Rumors: Should Red Sox Consider Trading Josh Beckett?

With every baseball fan eying the MLB trade deadline at the end of the month it is no wonder that Boston Red Sox fans want the team to shake things up with some key trades. Josh Beckett should be considered to be on the market after his performance last September and this season so far.

Beckett is 4-7 on the year with a 4.41 ERA to go with it for good measure. He failed miserably in his recent start against the New York Yankees. That start was a chance for Beckett to turn the Sox season around and instead the team got more of the same from him.

Beckett was 0-2 last September with an 8.10 ERA and his only wins this season have come against the Minnesota Twins, Seattle Mariners, Tampa Bay Rays and the Philadelphia Phillies. If you want a guy who can beat mainly last place teams then I guess Beckett is your man.

After watching the debacle of a performance against the New York Yankees over the weekend it is clear that the Red Sox organization needs to bring in some new pieces and change the ones that are currently in place. This may help wake the team up and give them a spark at the same time. Trading a few of the so-called stars the Sox have that are under-performing this season certainly will not hurt.

The Red Sox have gone on the record to say that they are considering trading Josh Beckett as of right now. This could be smoke and mirrors, but many Sox fans were disappointed to hear this. Beckett’s reputation and work ethic has taken a serious hit since last season’s chicken and beer in the club house revelations and this seasons golfing while injured issue. Mix this all together with sub-par productivity and a team on the decline as to why the Red Sox should entertain trade offers for Josh Beckett.

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  • Mark Usseglio

    By all means, yes and do it quick. His performance is one problem. The major reason is his negative effects on the pitching staff and most probably the whole team.

    As a manager of large groups oy employees, I can recognize the same symptoms in the RedSox club house. The players make much more $$ than ordinary employees, but the signals and signs are the same. Whether you earn $450,000 per game pitched or $10.00 per hour, it is all relevant.

    You have one spoiled, I am entitled attitude, it effects th whole team. I have seen it over and over in the private sector. When one individual is acting like Becket, you always have a few young impressionable people like Lester and Buchholz who look up to and tend to pick up the same attitude. The rest of the team resents this attitude and work performance but never says anything. They just stew over it because they feel like they are doing all the work. Eventually, Like Manny, it comes to a head.

    They got rid of Youkilis and his attitude. Get rid of Beckett now if you want to fix the team. It is imperative that the whole team sees that no one is above the team. If you move him, 2 or 3 players will be shocked and the rest of the players will be ecstatic and thankful in private.

    Sometimes you do not see it as a problem, then you hear the grumblings form reliable employees. When you finally make the move the employees come and thank you in private. Generally you are shocked to hear just how much that individual demoralized the rest of the team.