Colorado Rockies’ Carlos Gonzalez Ignored during All-Star Game

By Derek Kessinger

Carlos Gonzalez deserved the gold cleats given to the All-Stars because he is the only bright spot for a Colorado Rockies team that holds the worst record in major league baseball (MLB). However, the disrespectful coverage of Gonzalez by the national television broadcast during the All-Star Game has left his fans’ egos, already bruised black and purple, a little more deflated. Carlos Gonzalez will go into the second half as a legitimate triple crown contender and is one of the league’s few five-tool players. However, the lack of coverage or inaccurate analysis robbed Cargo, as he his known, on the national stage he was voted onto by other MLB players.

During the Home Run Derby, Carlos Gonzalez’s appearance was ignored as San Francisco Giants Pitcher Matt Cain was interviewed. Cargo was a background image for Cain talking about his perfect game. While Gonzalez hit only four homeruns, the fact that he is a better line drive hitter than power hitter was ignored. It was never brought up on the ESPN telecast that he ranks in the top 5 in the National League in both RBI’s and home runs with a .330 batting average.

The lead off batter for the National League was introduced to the All Star Game television audience as third time All-Star Carlos Gonzalez. Playing in the designated hitter spot, Fox’s Joe Buck missed that this actually was Gonzalez’s inaugural All-Star game appearance. While he did receive only two quick outs in the game, he was ignored in the national coverage.

Carlos Gonzalez is a natural five-tool player. He hits for both power and for contact. He steals bases and is one of the best outfielders in the game. Cargo is one of the most exciting players to watch on a consistent basis and is truly a tripe crown threat every year. The national baseball community ignoring him in the game was unacceptable, even if he did not a have a great showing.

The Rockies join other teams who continue to be slighted on a national scale. Andrew McCutchen of the first place Pittsburgh Pirates was also ignored during his home run derby attempt as the ESPN analysts carried out another interview. No other player was slighted in the first round of the event. The announcers were more outraged by a Yankee getting booed than they were interested in young players who do not get enough exposure. Major league baseball’s inability to spread their star power shows that their priorities are only on a few major markets. Colorado may not deserve a mention this year, but Carlos Gonzalez certainly does.

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