MLB Rumors: Chicago Cubs Need To Trade Bryan LaHair This Week

By gilgerard

With the all star break about to end, the Chicago Cubs are going to have the eyes of the baseball world upon them as the MLB Rumors season will really heat up. The Cubs are going to be one of the most active sellers in the market with virtually no player untouchable, and they really need to take advantage of a couple guys with good trade value right now. One of those guys is Bryan LaHair, and the sole focus of this article.

Bryan LaHair finally got a shot to play at the big league level this year, and he put up a very nice first half and was rewarded with his first all star game appearance. Many Cubs fans are now anointing LaHair as the savior of the team, and a guy to build around. I’m a Cubs fan, and I laugh at anyone that thinks LaHair is someone the Cubs should keep. Bryan LaHair is a perfect trade high kind of player. He’s a rookie, and having some success but he was a career minor league player for a reason, and frankly- he’s not an outfielder. There are going to be several teams that need a player like LaHair and could pay a good price to get him, and that’s precisely what the Cubs need to do.

This kind of possible trade reminds me quite a bit of the Jonathan Sanchez/Melkey Cabrera trade in the offseason. Buy low and sell high- great trade by the Giants.

What does Bryan LaHair bring to the table? He’s got some left handed pop, and gets on base at a decent clip, but he’s awful against left handers and a below average outfielder. With Anthony Rizzo now in the fold, LaHair’s future with the Cubs is definitely in the outfielder and he’ll cost the Cubs more runs than he’ll produce. Costing your team more runs than you make up contributes to more losses than wins and that’s what the Cubs need to fix.

Teams that could be interested in his services? The Los Angeles Dodgers, Cleveland Indians, Detroit Tigers, and Tampa Bay Rays could all use a left handed bat that can play first or (gulp) the outfield.

This is as simple of a trade as it gets in my mind for the Cubs.

Trade LaHair now, and get some plus value before other teams realize what he can and can’t do either. There’s no reason to believe LaHair is going to produce anything after this season. Trading a guy that hits the peek of his value is insanely important for a team rebuilding from within.

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