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MLB Rumors: New York Mets Looking At Huston Street Or Carlos Marmol?

The New York Mets are competing for a playoff spot this year. Yeah, I know- crazy! I had the Mets finishing 2nd to last to this year in the supposed to be good NL East, so I’m a little stunned, but hey- that’s baseball and the Mets run is good for the game. With that being said- the Mets need some help this year. I gotta believe they’re in the market for a reliever as a ton of news outlets are reporting the same things. Everyone thinks Huston Street is going to be the guy, and he could be- but don’t count out Carlos Marmol as a guy the Mets make a run at late.

With MLB Rumors flying, the Mets are very much looking for a guy at the back end that can stabilize the back end. I think Carlos Marmol could actually be a better solution than Huston Street because of his ability to strike guys out, and he could be easier to get as I think the Chicago Cubs are ready to go in terms of Marmol. Heck, it wouldn’t surprise if the Mets go after BOTH players.

I hope the Mets do upgrade because that’s what the deadline is about. Making a run at the postseason by bringing in help across the league. If the Mets get either Street, Marmol, or someone else- they absolutely could finish up the race if the Washington Nationals fold down the stretch and sit Stephen Strasburg in the process.

We’ll see what happens, but Mets fans have to be excited about the prospects of finding October once again. Especially in a year they weren’t supposed to contend. I guess that’s why you play it on the field and not on the internet right?