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Most Exciting Find in Card Collecting History: Family Finds $3 Million in Baseball Cards in Attic

It’s the dream that every baseball card collector has had at least once in his life. The dream that you could head up to your grandfather’s attic as an ordinary person and leave as a millionaire.

For one family in Ohio, that dream actually came true. Karl Kissner found an old box containing approximately 700 near-mint baseball cards from more than a century ago. The cards could be worth up to three million dollars, according to experts.

Kissner compared it to “finding Mona Lisa in the attic.” He’s not the only one who thought the find was once in a lifetime.

Joe Orlando, the president of the Professional Sports Authenticator, said that “every future find will ultimately be compared to this.”

The Kissner family is planning to sell the best cards, which is about 37 of them, at an auction in August during the National Sports Collectors Convention in Baltimore. The cards include Ty Cobb, Honus Wagner, Cy Young, Christy Mathewson, and Connie Mack.

According to Karl Kissner, the cards belonged to his grandfather, Carl Hench, who died in the 1940s and ran a meat market. He likely got the cards as promotional items. Carl’s daughter, Jean, lived in his house until she died last October, and her family was going through her stuff when the cards were discovered.

The Kissner/Hench family will split the profits from the cards among the 20 or so cousins. So if the cards really do fetch three million dollars, that’s $150,000 for each of the cousins. Not bad for a day’s work.

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