MLB Rumors: Aramis Ramirez On The Trade Block?

With the Milwaukee Brewers in the middle of an average season, it wouldn’t surprise me if they actually went on the selling mode over the next few weeks. They have some attractive pieces that could be sought after, and the name I’d like to start with is Aramis Ramirez.

I’m very familier with this guy, being a Cubs fan and all, and I can be the first one to tell you: the Brewers would be making a good decision by trading Aramis this deadline. Aramis is an injury risk every time he touches the field, and he still has some value so the Brewers should take advantage of that.

Aramis was supposed to step in and protect Ryan Braun, and he’s done a decent job at it, but what’s the point right now? The Brewers could use some good prospects, and I don’t think they win the central this year so it makes sense- absolutely.

The teams that could be interested? I could list off 5 of them and they’d make sense. However, I’d like focus solely on the Los Angeles Angels. They’ve loved Aramis for years, so they make sense. They also could be in the market for a bat, and they do have some pieces (Peter Bourjos) to trade if they wanted too. The  Texas Rangers are going to get better, we all know that- and I assume the New York Yankees will too so the Angels can’t just not make a move.

Would you trade Peter Bourjos for Aramis Ramirez? I would because it gives the Brewers a dynamic young outfielder that would look really good in center field for quite some time and it gives the Angels yet another offensive weapon and run producer.

We’ll see what happens as I’m sure there will be more MLB Rumors over the next few weeks regarding the Brewers.