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MLB Rumors: Texas Rangers Emerge As A Possible Suitor for Justin Upton

The Arizona Diamondbacks are sitting in third place, four games back of the Los Angeles Dodgers for first place in the National League West. Coming into the season, I – like many others – thought the Diamondbacks were going to be a force to be reckon with in the National League, let alone the National League West. In my eyes, Arizona was the most balanced club in the National League. They had the pitching, the offense, the depth, and the bullpen. But thanks to nagging injuries and underperforming players, the D’Backs enter the second half under the .500 mark. And for some reason, instead of contending in a winnable decision when a lot of their players are due to bounce back, they want to trade one of those players because he isn’t a “winner”. So instead of having MLB Rumors about buying at the deadline, they have MLB Rumors about them selling at the deadline, most notably Justin Upton.

Justin Upton, 24, is one of those rare five-tool players that every team covets when building a franchise. So to the surprise of nobody, when Kevin Towers announced he would talk about trading Upton, many suitors emerged. Today’s suitor is a somewhat surprising and scary one.

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It’s scary to think about a line-up where Justin Upton would probably bat 6th, with players like Josh Hamilton and Ian Kinsler in front of him. Yabba habba. Upton is signed through 2015, and one would assume the acquisition of Upton would hurt the Texas Rangers wallets when it comes to extending Josh Hamilton. However, in my opinion, I believe Upton is a better long-term investment than Josh Hamilton is.

Hamilton is quite a bit older, an injury risk, and who really knows if he can continue to keep his demons in check? Attitude aside, Upton is the better investment, but it is hard to put Justin Upton’s attitude aside.

I mean, why would a team seem so adamant about shopping a 24-year old stud like Upton. Some GMs are convinced that the Diamondbacks aren’t convinced he is a “winner”, ergo they are trying to move on without him.

It would be a ballsy move by Kevin Towers, and a move that would define the GM’s career whether it was good or bad. These rumors do tell me one thing, however, that is the Diamondbacks are serious about moving Upton. And I’d be willing to bet he is in a new uniform by August.

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