Will this year's AL East be the greatest division in MLB history?

By John Gorman

“That’s the beauty of argument, if you argue correctly, youre never wrong.” – Nick Naylor, Thank You For Smoking, 2005

Of course, this is a loaded question without a definite answer. But I want to take you to the standings, where the New York Yankees have the best record in baseball, and the Toronto Blue Jays sit dead last … at 44-44.

In between there’s the surprising Baltimore Orioles, the savvy Tampa Bay Rays and the overrated underrated overrated properly rated Boston Red Sox. Baltimore holds down a Wild Card slot. The other three teams sit within two games of it.

Since 1997, the AL East has been the best division in baseball nearly every single year. Boston and New York have always been excellent. Tampa Bay since 2008 has been exceptional. Toronto has a winning record since 1997 and hasn’t made the playoffs in any year. They’re buried. And Baltimore, well … looks like they’ve finally put it together.

With all five teams finally firing on all cylinders the AL East is a beast. It’s the Death Star and all the other divisions are planets in the cross-hairs of the thing that does this:


And, yeah, I wrote this whole column to show you a 10-second clip of Alderaan blowing up. Your move, Leeroy Jenkins.


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