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MLB Rumors: Are the Braves The Front Runners For Ryan Dempster?

MLB Rumors continue to fly ¬†as Ryan Dempster threw another scoreless 6 innings yesterday, pushing his total to 33 straight. It couldn’t come at a better time as the Chicago Cubs continue to look to the future, and will most likely trade Dempster before the trade deadline on July 31st. There have been reports surfacing that as many as 10 teams are interested in his services. Who are the favorites? Best of luck trying to figure that one out, but I have a gut feeling the Atlanta Braves are as of right now- the front runners to land Ryan Dempster.

Why would I say the Braves and not say- the New York Yankees? It’s a little more simpler than you might want to hear. I believe the Braves are the front runners because they’re a national league team and that’s where Dempster is comfortable, and that’s where he’s had success. I don’t think the Yankees, Detroit Tigers, Chicago White Sox, or any other AL team would give up the prospects the Braves would consider because Dempster isn’t AL tested. It’s really that simple to me. What about the Los Angeles Dodgers? Well, the Braves have a better system and Los Angeles is pretty far away from Chicago- a city Dempster happens to love. His 10/5 clause will kick in and I just doubt Dempster ends in Los Angeles.

Who would the Braves consider trading? I believe as of right now, the Cubs are looking at Mike Minor and Randall Delgado. They both have struggled a bit this year, but both are still young and have a ton of upside. Minor is of course a left handed pitcher- something the Cubs happen to love.

It’s incredibly difficult to say one way or another where Dempster is headed, and this is all purely speculation. But that’s where I’m at right now, and we’ll let the chips fall where they may.

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