MLB Rumors: Chicago White Sox Entering The Zack Greinke Sweepstakes?

By Bryan Lutz

MLB Rumors involving Zack Greinke are as rampant as MLB Rumors about Justin Upton. But unlike Upton, this rumor makes this Chicago White Sox fan very happy.

To the surprise of many, the Chicago White Sox are the best team in the American League Central with a record of 48-39, a full three games ahead of the Cleveland Indians. The best part about the Chicago White Sox is that they aren’t really a fluke. They are near the top of the league in run differential, and have one of the better offenses in baseball right now. With that being said, the White Sox pitching staff could use a pick me up, especially if Gavin Floyd is having arm issues. And I can’t think of a better pick me up than Zack Greinke.

First off, I want to look at this logically. The window of opportunity is a small one for this White Sox team. As I wrote a few days ago, Kenny Williams has a lot of decisions to make heading into the 2013 season. And odds are that two of the three question marks (Peavy, Pierzynski, and Youkilis) won’t be back next season. This is why I’m all aboard the “all-in” bandwagon.

Kenny Williams needs to carpe diem this team and do whatever is neccesary to win this year. I don’t see a lot of White Sox winners past this season: AJ Pierzynski – if he comes back – isn’t going to slug .500, it’s highly unlikely Alex Rios replicates his season, who knows when or if Adam Dunn will turn into Richie Sexson, they don’t have a third baseman, and who’s going to pitch outside of Sale and an injured Danks? Just way too many question marks after this season for my liking. Ergo, the White Sox need to get Greinke. A Sale-Greinke-Peavy rotation in the playoffs is about as lethal as they come.

Now, what will it take to get Greinke? That is the question we all are wondering. My answer is whatever the hell they want. If they want pitching prospects, give them Nestor Molina and Simon Castro. I personally don’t care about our pitching prospects with the way the Sox groom pitching from nothing into something (i.e. Jose Quintana). Contrary to popular belief, the White Sox have a pretty decent farm now, so go ahead and deplete it for Zack Greinke and the world’s best backup catcher, George Kottaras.

For the record, Zack Greinke is 9-3 with a 3.57 ERA, but he is tied for the National League lead in fWAR at 3.5 and is sporting a terrific 2.56 FIP. George Kottaras – or as I like to call him the Walking Man – might be the odd man out when Jonathan Lucroy comes back from injury with the emergence Martin Maldonado. George Kottaras’ walk percentage is an astounding 25.7%, which gives him a .426 on-base percentage even though he’s only hitting .225. With Tyler Flowers struggling as the backup catcher and AJ Pierzynski’s future in doubt, Kottaras is a fantastic option, especially since he is still under team control.

To close, and prove that my fairy tale dream might be a reality, here is quote from today’s Tribune:

Two sources said they have considered Twins left-hander Francisco Liriano and Brewers ace Zack Greinke, and the Brewers had a top scout at Saturday’s game.

Get it done, Kenny.

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