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MLB Rumors: Mets Could Trade For Geovany Soto

I love the MLB Rumors time of the summer. This is the best part of baseball because so many players could go to so many teams, and that’s intensified since Bud Selig implemented the second wild card team. With that being said, most people (including myself) believe the New York Mets need some help in the bullpen, a starter, and a catcher. The Chicago Cubs should make a perfect trade candidate because they can offer players of need in every position the Mets need. For this article, let’s focus on Geovany Soto to the Mets.

Geovany Soto could be a solid addition (for cheap) to the Mets as he’ll bring a decent power bat, and a decent defensive catcher to the table. I don’t think the Mets would have to give up anything solid in terms of young talent so this could make a ton of sense for both teams. Soto is getting up there in salary, and the Cubs likely don’t want to pay him what they might have too so trading him to a ton of need this year makes sense.

IF the Mets do trade for Soto, I don’t consider it a game changing move, but it is a steep upgrade than what the Mets are currently running out there now.

I don’t know if this kind of trade would go through, or happen- but if the Mets need a catcher (and they do), why not go for the best one on the market? There’s no sense in making a trade that won’t REALLY help the club this year. Soto would do just that.