Reds Super Prospect Billy Hamilton Hits Inside The Park Home Run

By Riley Schmitt

Billy Hamilton could very well be the next big thing in baseball.  He has 109 steals on the season for Single A and now Double A Pensacola, a product of the Cincinnati Reds system.  Hamilton added to his legend on Sunday with an effortless inside the park home run.

Billy Hamilton simply makes the game look easy.  He has what I like to call “easy speed.”  By that, I mean he doesn’t look he is straining himself to run fast.  He is simply gliding along and scoring in record time.  You can not teach pure speed.  Once Hamilton gets more seasoning, he will become one of the best base running threats in the history of the game.

Take that number 109.  Sure, the competition is not the greatest.  If you look at it closer, you will realize that he is getting by on pure speed.  He has good technique but he will have to refine it more and more as he gets closer to the major.  Hamilton could very easily be the next Mike Trout or Bryce Harper, except with more emphasis on speed.

People have always said the problem with baseball is the lack of marketable stars.  Compared to the other three major sports, they just do not have the star power.  With the recent trend in young stars, that will soon be changing.  A youth movement is never a bad thing and baseball looks to be on the verge of one.

Billy Hamilton is going to make the game a lot more exciting.  Luckily, we are around to see him in action.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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