Why the Miami Marlins Will Come Back to Make The Playoffs

By Parker Perry

After losing two out the first three to National League East division leading Washington Nationals, many experts and fans are wondering whether it was a good idea for the Miami Marlins to go ‘all in’ in this 2012 MLB season.

Most of them say no, some are even urging them to sell off a few pieces to salvage the season.  But I’m here to be a beacon of light, I’m here to predict that the Miami Marlins will be playing postseason baseball in October.

There’s no way to sugar coat it, the way the Marlins have started the series against the Nationals to open up the second half of the season is a tough one to sallow. It would have been great for them to start off off on the right foot by beating them twice already and be sitting only two games below .500. But regardless of the lost, they still have one more shot to tie the series and move on with momentum.

And after they get done playing the Cubs they ‘should’ have a lot more of it.

Lets assume (it’s a dangerous game but hang with me) that Miami is two games below .500 at the end of the series, with a record of 45-47. that will put them six or seven games out of the second wildcard. Seems like a lot, seems like a huge hill to climb. But their fate will be in their hands.

The Atlanta Braves currently own the second wildcard, and the Marlins will play them seven times before August third. With two months of the season to go, Miami could conceivably cut the deficit within five.  And once they  are in that type of striking distance, my money will be on them.

Then, lets not forget, they play the Braves six more times in late September.

With that in mind, the Pittsburgh Pirates/Cincinnati Reds are tied for the first playoff spot. Many, many think the feel good story of Pittsburgh will end in short time. They have not started the second half too well early, as they have dropped two of their first three against the Milwaukee Brewers ( a team, like the Marlins, are below .500).

The opportunity is there, and so is the team. They are filling gaps in the roster themselves and seem to be buyers at the trade deadline.

Justin Ruggiano is hitting over .380 in his first 100 plate appearances. With a starting group that they have with names like Logan Morrison, Ruggiano, Carlos Lee, Omar Infante, Jose Reyes and Hanley Ramirez right now they have enough in the tank to make a run at the postseason.

Add in the fact that they could go out and get another outfielder are pitcher, and this team is going to be tough to beat down the stretch.

I am not going to go out on the limb and telling you to put the house on Miami just yet, but what I will ask Miami fans to step away from the cliff. Enjoy your Miami Heat championship and sit back and enjoy what could be a memorable baseball journey.


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