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MLB Rumors: Detroit Tigers Looking At James Shields

With the trade deadline just a mere 15 days away, the MLB rumors are piling up fast.  An interesting name out there is James Shields, he of Tampa Bay Rays fame.  The Rays wouldn’t consider it a sell off, especially if they could get a bat that can help the offense.  Enter the Detroit Tigers, who are in need of pitching but have some offense in the minors that they can give up.

See, the Rays have a lot of pitching.  However, you can’t win games if you don’t score.  Your pitchers can go eight innings and give up two runs and still lose.  That is not going to cut in today’s game, especially in the AL.  You need hitting and the Rays are in prime need of it.

The Tigers are in desperate need of a dependable guy.  Justin Verlander can not carry the staff himself.  The other pitchers are what I like to call “erratic.”  That might be putting it lightly.  Shields would give them another guy to trot out there that seems to be consistent.  Remember, he’s called “Big Game James” for a reason.  He steps up when the pressure reaches its apex.

This deal is merely speculation but it looks like it would fit from both sides.  The Tigers get another good arm and the Rays can pick up some good hitting prospects.  The Rays can’t survive on pitching alone.  The Tigers can’t catch the teams in front of them if they can’t pitch.  Match made in MLB rumors heaven.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.