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MLB Rumors: The Cincinnati Reds’ Trade Possiblities

MLB Rumors have linked the Cincinnati Reds to four main trade possibilities.  Let’s take a look at the choices and see which would/could fit their present needs.

-Juan Pierre – The aging (34) lefty brings some pretty interesting intangibles to the table.  He is having a great year at the plate with a .315ish batting average, plus he still has some speed with 21 stolen bases.  He could clearly be an upgrade in the lead-off spot for the Reds, so that part is intriguing.  When you add in his post season experience, (something the Reds do not have) he is an attractive option.  However, he is older, so he very well may be only a temporary solution for the Reds.  I would hate to see them give up too much for him.

-Alfonso Soriano – He’s sort of the older version of Pierre, but with pop.  He does have 17 homeruns and would be very comfortable in GABP.  I have felt for some time that he is well past his prime and believe he wouldn’t offer much to the Reds for trade options.  I say no here.

-Cole Hamels – Now here’s in interesting possibility.  He comes with the experience the Reds will need.  Hamels is having a very good year – 11-4, 3.07 ERA on a very bad team.  The down side is this is his contract year and there is no guarantee that the Reds could re-sign him.  He would probably be just a rental until the post-season.  However, he may be worth the rent if the Reds can go deep.  I say, if available and possible extension to the contract, go for it.

 -Carlos Quentin – I really like this move.  Quentin is a true clean-up hitter.  Coming into this season he has averaged over 25 homeruns per year for the past four years with the Chicago White Sox.  MLB Rumors has that he is certainly up for trade.  With his latest struggles at the plate, I doubt the Reds would have to give up much to get his services.  He would make it possible for the Reds to move Brandon Phillips to the one spot, Zack Cozart to the two and then have Joey Votto, Quentin and Jay Bruce, 3-4-5.  That is a meaty line up.  Votto would finally get the protection he needs behind him.  This is a no brainer.

MLB Rumors are just that – rumors.  You never know what is really going on.  It is fun to guess, though.

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