Anthony Gose Recalled To Join Toronto Blue Jays; Jose Bautista To DL

By Thom Tsang

…and that means bad news for that other Toronto Blue Jays right fielder:

Well then. If you think “inflammation” is still somewhat vague when it comes to Jose Bautista‘s injury, you’re not the only one in the room. The silver lining here, if there is one at all, is that there’s no break in the bone, and the wording doesn’t hint at structural damage to the wrist (even though it’s not totally clear whether that’s the case). The other significant news corresponding to the injury is the arrival of 21-year old Anthony Gose, who is quite fast and putting up a…respectable .808 OPS over 433 PA in AAA Las Vegas. Considering that Travis Snider has a .963 OPS himself in 236 PA, the decision to rush Gose up to the bigs now and start his service clock is something of a strange decision on Alex Anthopoulos‘ part; then again, he did seem fairly adamant that Snider – who missed a good chunk of games due to a wrist injury himself – would spend a full year in AAA, so at least he is sticking to his guns.

Either way, whether you like Gose or Snider, it’s a minor quibble really, considering that neither of them are going to replace Bautista’s offensive output. The Blue Jays will be without their best player for at least a pretty crucial stretch of games involving some teams in the hunt, as John Lott of the National Post points out:

Yikes. The team will have to find a way to keep its offensive machine running somehow to try to stay within the large pack of teams who are in contention of the final wild card spot. They are 2 games back after last night’s loss, and how the team plays without Bautista in the lineup will likely go a long way into determining whether Anthpoulos still wants to be a buyer at the deadline. Who knows, maybe the reason why Gose is up here now is because he’s being showcased for a potential trade? Maybe for a certain outfielder whose name starts with a J and rhymes with Ustin Upton? I can at least dream.

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